5P Club Lambs
5P Club Lambs

Master Plan

Master Plan
Introducing Mater Plan - Owned jointly with Book Livestock
Master Plan is very unique is his overall body design. For a sheep that is extremely wide in his overall body design, he combines that width into a very smooth presentation. From the side he is very parallel in his lines but having a very natural fullness to his flank. His shoulder and front are very smooth and correct in their angulation, yet possessing width and a bold set to his for-rib. His top is powerfully large and ties into a perfect loin edge with great width. He is tremendously wide in his stifle and follows that with alot of depth and fullness to his twist and lower leg. When viewed from behind he is wedge shaped, and overall is moderate in size. He stands on good bone, with the shag that is so desireable in todays market. MasterPlan should move us up the ladder in our breeding program, and we appreciate the Miller's for giving us the oppurtunity to own one like him.
Thanks to Jim, Dustin, and Derick!




Iron Man Iron Man

Purchased from Cody Burson - Owned jointly with Book Livestock
He is a Jam son out of a Leo daughter, this picture was taken at 8 months of age. IronMan is right where
the industry is at today. He's extremely powerful in his overall makeup, extreme in his shallowness of body
and width of structure, has a great butterfly shape to his top, and is very smooth in his hip-loin juncture.
He stands on tremendous bone with lots of Hamp shag.




Special Affect

Special Affect
Keeper buck sired by the great Phoenix buck - Dam is a Mirage
daughter that goes back to our original Ceaser breeding.

This buck, pictured at just 6 months of age, is extremely long bodied and shallow in his chest floor.
He is unique in his shoulder and neck set, possessing overall thickness and great eye appeal.
You have to appreciate him for his tremendous bone and shag.

5P Club Lambs 5P Club Lambs
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